Shadow Hearts
HP 165
MP -
Location Blue Castle
Element Dark
Abilities Paralysis
Immunities -
EXP Gained 650
Cash 1200
Drops Angel's Feather

Bestiary InfoEdit

Evil ghost of a hunting dog that searches for prey even after its own flesh rots away. It was left for dead on a mountain by its owner.


These things have very high HP and with just Zhuzhen and Alice on your team you better make sure you reserve your special skills for these things. Also these things can cause Paralysis so defeat them quickly or have the team equipped with Rosewood Bracelets to prevent Paralysis. Alice's Blessed Light should do alot of damage to these things thought since there dark.


Garm, or Garmr, is a hellhound guard-dog from Norse mythology. He serves the goddess Hel. He is described as being covered in blood.

During the events of Ragnarok, it is written that he is destined to kill, and be killed by, Týr, the god of law, and glory.

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