Once a gifted angel, evil stole his heart. Rejoices in bewildering human souls. Next to his castle lies the Forsaken Hill.

Solomon's Key LocationEdit


Palace of Transgressions, left-most node.

Where to findEdit

Defeat Gaap in the Black Forest.


Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Earth Resist 32 MP Increases ally's resistance to Fire-element attacks by 50% Earthresist Earthresistring
Rock Crest 80 MP Large-area Earth attack with odds of Physical Defense Down. Rockcrest Rockcrestring
Post Completion
Air Resist 32 MP Increases ally's resistance to Wind-element attacks by 50% Airresist Airresistring
Gale Crest 80 MP Large AOE Wind attack with odds of Slow and Delay Galecrest Galecrestring

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