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Futsutachi (経立)
SHCDC Sea of Woods Futsutachi1
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 1250
MP 348
Location Sea of Woods
Element water
EXP Gained 6600
Souls Gained 4
Cash 10
Drops Mana Extract

Creature found in Sea of Woods, in the Director's Cut edition of the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit


Rough Translation:
A Wood-Ant, having lived for over several hundred years, it has become a Yōkai - a monster of calamity. Though it has changed drastically in size, it still bears a grudge from its old, tiny, days; it was almost burned beneath a magnifying glass. Becoming this big has allowed it to prey on humans, and get its revenge.


Futsutachi is best described as a type of spectre, where a creature, having lived for an extended period, gains magical powers, and often, an increase in size.

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