Similar to Joachim, Frank will use anything he can find to attack his enemies, though, unlike Joachim, he attaches it first to a sword hilt. Locations are given to where each of these weapons can be encountered, even though they are sold at shops.

Tree FellerEdit

Tree feller
"Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a saw."


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: 680

Sell: 340

Obtained: Default; Grand Canyon


Remarkable sword made by adding a hilt to a huge saw. The trick is to crush, not cut. Don’t use a scabbard with this beauty—it deserves to be on permanent display.

Cactus SaberEdit

Cactus saber
"Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a spiky cactus."


  • P-ATK: +3
  • S-ATK: +3

Cost: 1020

Sell: 510

Obtained: Grand Canyon (direct Frank towards the cactus at the far end of the village); Chicago


A ninja sword that makes a weapon out of a desert cactus. May look funny, but those spikes are no joke. Easy to care for too, as it only needs watering once a month.

Bus Stop SaberEdit

Bus stop saber
"Ninja sword made by adding hilt to an old bus stop sign."


  • P-ATK: +9
  • S-ATK: +9

Cost: 1530

Sell: 765

Obtained: Roswell (direct Frank towards the bust stop by the inn); Roswell


Sword made by putting a hilt on a bus stop that had come to the end of its useful life. The waiting is finally over and it’s time for this hunk to show its metal.

Marlin SaberEdit

Marlin saber
"Ninja sword made by adding hilt to a massive swordfish."


  • P-ATK: +18
  • S-ATK: +18

Cost: 2300

Sell: 1150

Obtained: Caribbean Pirate Fort (find the swordfish on the Sunken Pirate ship); Las Vegas


Epoch-making ninja sword with a swordfish for a blade. Forget about the spike—there’s nothing in the world quite as unnerving as an attack with a dead fish’s eyes.

Fireworks SaberEdit

Fireworks saber
"Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a firework."


  • P-ATK: +30
  • S-ATK: +30

Cost: 3440

Sell: 1720

Obtained: Rio de Janeiro (head into the slums and into the large area where the children are playing soccer. Speak with Frank); Machu Picchu


Ninja sword combined with the best Japanese fireworks. Cannily mixes 2 of Japan’s great arts. Bangs, screams, and emits wreathes of smoke for the battlefield.

Kokeshi SaberEdit

Kokeshi saber
"Ninja sword made by adding a hilt to a kokeshi doll."


  • P-ATK: +45
  • S-ATK: +45

Cost: 5160

Sell: 2580

Obtained: Moana Village (look at the strange pillar located near the Tiki Statue); Uyuni Salt Lake


Ninja sword made with a kokeshi doll as a blade. Streamlined for speed, kokeshi dolls are supposed to protect the household, so why not fight for it too?

Legend SaberEdit

Legend saber
"Ninja sword made from legendary sealed sword."


  • P-ATK: +53
  • S-ATK: +53

Cost: -

Sell: 3875

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake (head to the sword on the 4th floor)


Ninja sword made from a legendary sealed sword—stone pedestal and all! A new kind of Japanese-European collaboration, with special sacred powers sealed inside.

Spicy SkewerEdit

Spicy skewer
"Ninja sword made by adding hilt to simmering oden stew."


  • P-ATK: +61
  • S-ATK: +61

Cost: -

Sell: 5810

Obtained: Brazilian Ninja Hideaway (given by the Jonin after defeating him in battle)


Good to eat, and a tasty little weapon too, with a tempered blade made of simmering konyaku jelly. The perfect skewer, with sizzling hot radishes and fish sausage.