Forron - Demon of the Flaming Pit

The most powerful Fire class Fusion in Shadow Hearts. Obtained by fighting it in the Graveyard, after getting the Fire Gravestone. It costs 48 Sanity Points to fuse with Forron.

Info Edit

Greater spirit formed by a flaming soul and a powerful demon. It is said that he once stood at the head of the hordes of hell.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
First Fire 18 MP Cures all Status Effects for a single ally, except Death and Beserk. Forronmove1
Battle Cry 54 MP Raises all allies' Physical Attack power 30% to 36% for 5 turns. Forronmove2
Hellfire* 72 MP Summons demonic flames that deals heavy fire class damage to all enemies. Forronmove3