Florence is an area visited in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Yuri and company come here after Thomas advises them to see Carla, a fortune-teller. They enter the fortune-telling hut to see Lucia, who is using her Tarot Cards to read a fortune for someone. After asking for help, Carla tells Yuri's team there is a three-month waiting list, and Karin says a man named "Thomas" asked them to see Lucia and Carla. They then agree to help. Leaving, Healthy Rooney stops them and gives them a Pedometer. Gerard and Pierre are also here, as well as a Wolf Bout.

Items collectedEdit

  • Strike Expand
  • Thera Seed
  • Vepar
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Underground Film
  • Bat's Gold
  • Nibelung Scene 7
  • Pedometer

Enemies EncounteredEdit

  • Jerome