Flare brooch

Flare Brooch from Covenant

The Flare Brooch is a rare, but invaluable, accessory that can only be equipped to characters that can preform Fusion.

First appearing in Koudelka, it can be gained by not fighting Charlotte. It merely increases the stats of whichever character has it equipped.

In Shadow Hearts, since all Fusions cost a large chunk of SP to use, the Flare Brooch decreases the SP cost to fuse by 20%. In Shadow Hearts Covenant onwards, it simply halves the SP cost for maintaining Fusion form per turn. With the additions of characters that can fuse of become superhuman like Kurando and Johnny, the second and third games only have two Flare Brooches in the game world.



This large woman's brooch contains a multifaceted ruby in a gold setting. It increases the wearer's VIT, INT, PIE and MND scores. - Guide Info

Woman's accessory with a multi-facted ruby centred in a gold setting; meant to represent the sun.

Shadow HeartsEdit


Engraved with the crest of the flame goddess Regina. In resonance with harmonixers' waves, it releases a red light. Decreases the SP consumed during fusion. (Yuri only.)

Location: After facing Yamaraja: Wind in Dalian, go back to the hotel and down the stairs to where you bought your weapons. Go to the other side of the shop where the boy will say thanks for saving his village and will allow you to take his treasure: the chest with Flare Brooch. But get it now before you leave because you won't be able to return to Dalian again!

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit


The crest of the fire goddess Lejina, set with a crimson stone. Its light reduces the pain of the Harmonixer. Reduces SP loss during fusion by 50%

Location: There are two Flare Brooches in Covenant, the first is located in the Immortal Mountain halfway across the bridge before the boss Neo-Astaroth. The second is obtained in the Doll House after beating the boss Baal.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


A brooch that belonged to a nameless Eastern king. Its stone emits a powerful healing flare. Reduces SP consumption by half when transformed into a superhuman.

Location: One of the brooches if found in Garland Residence in the room where the phantom ward curses of 5 and 4 are. The other brooch can be found in Brooklyn after talking to Shania. It is kinda hard to find but it's near the edge of the water if you are having troubles finding it.