Fire Bat
ShI monsters 011
Shadow Hearts
HP 39
MP -
Location Fengtian Sewers
Element Fire
Abilities Fire Ball
Immunities N/A
EXP Gained 26
Cash 75
Drops Mana Leaf

Bestiary InfoEdit

Monster created by burning a rat and mixing the remains with feathers and drugs. It attacks with a devouring flame. Used as a guard within a seal.


These should fall to one of Yuri or Margarete's physical attacks, but they are quick and can deal moderate damage with Fire Ball. They will be grouped with 2 Shiki Bugs and the Fire Bats will appear in 3's but the Shiki Bugs are more annoying so take them out first. But if you are lazy just use Margarete's Grenade ability to KO all of them.

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