Fides - Cleaver of Filth

Clad in deep red armour, Fides is Yuri's ultimate fire fusion.

SP consumption as Fides: 5 SP per turn

Info Edit

Fire god summoned by a soul that fights on no matter how often it has tasted defeat. Each time it swings its fiery sword, the world's filth is burned away.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Rage 12MP Increases Physical Attack for one ally Fyuri1
Blaze 16MP Single-target Fire attack (anti-air, hard hit) Fyuri2
Energy Charge (Max MP/10) MP Increases Barbaria's Physical Attack by 125 to 150% for the next turn Fyuri3
Magma 32MP medium area Fire Damage (high angle) Fyuri4
Arc Rage 36MP Increases Physical Attack for all allies Fyuri5
Hellflame 64MP large-are Fire attack (knockdown) Fyuri6
Inferno 80MP single-target Fire Physical attack (hard hit) Fyuri7


Etymology Edit

Derived from the Latin word "fīdō" meaning "I trust", and subsequently "loyal". It also can mean "faith".

The monster that Yuri must fight to unlock Fides, Svarozic, is named after the Slavic god of fire and smithery.