Fengtian is the first inhabited town Yuri and Alice come across. It isn't very large, but there is a shop, a train station, and and several other buildings. It is within a night's walking distance from Zhaoyang Village. The Silent Peddler makes his first appearance, but alas, he has nothing to sell. Lottery Member No. 15 is here, as well.

44-009 39

Fengtian - Alice sleeps on a bench



Fengtian Item Shop

Item Price Item Price
Knuckle Blade 1200 Mana Leaf 100
Shooting Star Tome 1420 Pure Leaf 230
Leather Vest 1000 Talisman of Luck 480
Leather Skirt 1200 Mermaid's Tear 70
Bandanna 325 Holy Mother Bust 75
Leather Belt 320 Angel's Feather 80
Shell Bracelet 2770 Phoenix Tail 90
Bone Bracelet 2960 Bronze Dagger 200
Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Gold Hourglass 200
Spikes 2810 Tent 480
Thera Leaf 50



1-010 01


This sewer tunnel is small and straightforward, and leads outside of the city. However, there have been some kinks thrown in the works. The exit has been sealed!


Boss: Water Tiger


  • Jewel - At the back of the tunnel after the wall collapses



5-011 03


Out of the sewers, Yuri, Alice, and Margarete come upon an air field controlled by the Japanese Army. They're all keen on getting out of there, but Tiny has other plans...


Boss: Beast Dog


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