Father Doyle

Father Hans Doyle was the priest of the Rouen Church in France. He had long been a good friend of Father Morris Elliot. In recent years he came down with a strange illness of the heart and kept himself enclosed in his church.


"A priest in Rouen who knows the truth behind Father Elliot's murder."



Shortly before the events of Shadow Hearts, Father Doyle arranged a meeting between Morris and his daughter, and a man named Cardinal Albert Simon. Simon never showed, though "Roger Bacon" did - and brutally murdered Father Elliot. Doyle became paranoid with grief and, fearing that he would be Bacon's next target, kept himself locked in his church.

Meeting Yuri and FriendsEdit


When Yuri and party visited the church in Rouen, Father Doyle was shocked and declared them to be demons who had come to take his soul. He was stunned by the appearance of Alice Elliot, saying that she was taken by the demon Roger Bacon years ago. Alice reassured him that they simply wished to talk.

Calmed, Doyle told the story behind Bacon and Morris Elliot, and of The Three Ancient Tomes which Bacon stole. He was interrupted by Arcane Olga, who fatally injured him before attacking the party. As she retreated after the fight, with his dying breaths Doyle told them to find the Cardinal Simon's mansion in London.

Doyle's LetterEdit

When Alice returns to Rouen in search of clues about Roger Bacon, she enters the Priests' Confessional Box and finds Father Dolye's Letter. The letter is Doyle's final confession of his sins, including how he sold the Elliots to Roger Bacon to save his own life. Doyle's letter goes on that he feels that even that sin doesn't matter anymore, for he knows a secret about Roger Bacon - a secret that cost him his life.

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