Wh, what's this? The famous literary journal and pin-up magazine "Shanghai Angels"! Why would that be such a valuable item? Maybe I'll find out in the future.

How to GetEdit

Found in Kuihai Tower Found on the floor of the room where the Red Phoenix Votive Picture is found. The ? icon becomes a heart.


This is an important sidequest item, believe it or not. It's used to obtain the Pulse Tract.


This book has a bit of irony in it. Margarete quotes that Dehaui is a old sick perve, for wanting Alice, and Yuri who lets Wuigi go to tell his master to hide his girlie magizines. And yet we find this book in Kuihai Tower, kinda of ironic right?

An updated version of this book can be found in Shadow Hearts: Covenant in the Neam Ruins sidequest.

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