Erick Theatre exterior

A location Johnny visits to find Marlow Brown, on behalf of Professor Gilbert.

A delapidated theatre, it has been overrun by Thugs and Fat thugs.

Finding the insane Marlow secreting himself away in the theatre loft, Johnny is attacked by a creature emerging from a portal. It is then Johnny meets Shania, in her form as the Thunderbird.

The Deep One is fought here as a boss.

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The background music is "Delusion of Death".

It is also the only place where the player may here "Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste e d'Aiace", an extract from an Opera written by Mozart.



  • The theatre is named after the titular Phantom, from the 1925 version of Gaston Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera", where he is known as Erik".
  • The sign above the door showing the latest plays, reads "The Phantom Of The Opera", as yet another reference to the play movie.