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A location Johnny visited trying to find Marlow Brown, for Professor Gilbert.

A delapidated theatre, it has been overrun by Thugs and Fat thugs.

It is here that Johnny first meets Shania, who is in her form as the Thunderbird.

The Deep One is fought here as a boss.


The background music is "The Delusion of Death".

It is also the only place where the player may here "Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste e d'Aiace", an exract from an Opera written by Mozart.


  • The theatre is named after the titular Phantom, from the 1925 version of Gaston Leroux's "The Phantom of the Opera", where he is known as Erik".
  • The sign above the door showing the latest plays, reads "The Phantom Of The Opera", as yet another reference to the play movie.

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