Envious Jealousy
Envious Jealousy
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 12,000
MP 999
Location Purgatory
Element Element is the same of the last party member who is left.
  • Extinction
  • Ring Abnormality
  • Spirit Ward
  • Lost Progress
  • Rock Crest
  • Hail Crest
  • Red Crest
  • Gale Crest
  • Bright Crest
  • Evil Crest
  • Strong Earth
  • Shock Max
  • Flame Mine
  • Air Shot
  • Holy Pulse
  • Meteor Burst
  • Tempest
Calories 0
EXP Gained 99,999
Souls Gained 500
Cash 9,999
Cat Coins 10 Bream

Seventh Key

Boss Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.


The jealousy that leads to the deadly sin of Envy. Never stops longing enviously for what others have; a jaundiced mind driven by envy and spite.


The element of this boss depends upon the last character that Johnny choses to find in Purgatory. For instance, if he chooses to get Shania last, Envious Jealousy's element becomes dark. Note that all the characters with the exception of Johnny can become the boss. Also the character that is "chosen" will not be available for the duration of the battle.

Battle InformationEdit

Be warned that Envious Jealousy is a very hard boss to beat unless you're fully prepared.

First of all have everyone be equiped with Crucifix's but if you don't have enough then Zodiac Braclets or Cosmic Braclets, because just status problems can be fatal. Also save up on money for Third Keys they will be useful here. Another concern is that it increases on stock gauge rapidly and that it can KO someone in two hits.

Curvy Hilda and everyone else with a Resurrection Stellar will help. Also Envious Jealousy will use level 4 attacks Stellars which are beyond average of the damage it should do. Envious Jealousy is also capable of removing status buffs, rendering buffs useless. Use Hard Hits or other stock draining abilites to keep its stock low, and heal frequently to avoid losing any character/s.

Another concern is that once its' HP is low, it will use Spirit Ward to remove one character from the battle. Shania's ultimate fusion Tirawa will be a great help here, since Shining Zephyer will attack the boss and cure your characters at the same time, while her ultimate move Sun Flare will do alot of damage to the boss as well. Johnny's Awaker form should be saved till near the end to avoid him going Berserk. If you take all of this to account Envious Jealousy should fall, and you will get the Awaker's ultimate ability "Ether Purge," which evens surpasses the power of Tirawa's Sun Flare.

If you managed to beat Envious Jealousy then pat yourself on your back - you deserved it!

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