A major character in Koudelka.



Elaine Heyworth, née Spencer, was the wife of Patrick Heyworth, the last owner of the Nemeton Monastery. She and Patrick were sweethearts while Patrick attended university. During this time, James O' Flaherty also vied for her affections, but eventually backed down due to his poverty and friendship with Patrick. She and Patrick eventually married while James went on to a seminary instead. Sadly, she was murdered during a robbery 18 years before the game's events. This tragedy drives much of the game's plot.


One night when Patrick was away, a band of robbers (or robber) broke into the Nemeton Monastery and killed Elaine during the raid. When Patrick returned he was devastated to discover his wife's murder. He refused to accept her death and soon sought a way to restore her to life. He had no success until a certain man (later revealed to be Albert Simon) told him where to find a book of forbidden arts, the Emigre Document. But what Patrick resurrected was not his wife, but some demonic spirit wearing his wife's regenerated corpse in terrible mockery.



Portrait of Elaine

Though Patrick resurrected Elaine's body, her soul was unaffected by the ritual. She was unable to move on until her body was destroyed, however. To stop Patrick's madness, she reached out and found Koudelka Iasant. She hoped that someone would learn the mysteries of the Monastery and put an end to them. She makes her first appearance when Koudelka summons her spirit to shed light on Nemeton Monastery's dark secrets. She implores James to destroy her body, that its horrific "resurrection" is against God's will, and so she might finally rest in peace.


Depending on the ending, there are two ways Elaine may be freed. In the good ending, her monstrous body falls into the burning monastery and explodes. In the (canonical) bad ending, James sacrifices himself to destroy her corpse, both consumed in a bolt of white light that is implied to be from God.

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