Egil - The Bringer of Painless Death

The most powerful Water class Fusion in Shadow Hearts. Obtained by fighting it in the Graveyard, after getting the Water Gravestone. It costs 48 Sanity Points to fuse with Egil.

Info Edit

Greater water spirit fromed by the frozen black soul of Tiamat. Wields the power of dark illusion. The icy needles it fires are said to bring painless death.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Holy Tears 64 MP Restores a large amount of the target's HP. Egilmove1
Iris 54 MP Raises all allies' Physical Evasion ability 30% to 36% for 5 turns. Egilmove2
Dragon Cry* 72 MP Deals massive water damage to all enemies. Egilmove3

Etymology Edit

Egil could possibly be synonymous with Egil, a figure in Norse myth. He and his brothers captured three swan maidens (possibly valkyries) bathing without their wings and made them their wives for several years. Eventually the maidens found their wings and flew away. Egil, devastated, searches endlessly for his lost wife, but in vain.

Tiamat is a Mesopotamian ocean goddess.


  • The monster bears a very close resemblance to the eponymous "Alien" of the Alien franchise.