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Element wind Edward J. Plunkett
Edward J. Plunkett
Game Koudelka
Kana エドワード・プランケット
Romaji Edowādo Puranketto
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Ryōtarō Okiayu
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Mickaël Bradberry
Age 20
Height Medium
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blond
Home London
Weapon(s) Any, Magic
Special Arts Magic
Element Wind Element wind

Deuteragonist and playable character in Koudelka.


Born into a distinguished London family. Although this consummate egotist pays no heed to soiling his hands with crime, he agonises over what he really wants from life. For this tortured scion, the interior of Nemeton Abbey, veiled in rumour and superstition, appears as a tantalizing arena to take on his personal demons.
~ Game Manual



Edward was born in London and grew up in a wealthy family that was not blessed with much love. An imaganitive child, he often dreamt up adventures and escapades. Not much of an academic, much to his strict father's displeasure, he dropped out of university and travelled around the country, with no clear destination in mind.

Unsatisfied with his lot, he roamed from place to place, seeking out new excitements and thrills. At one point he made a few attempts at petty crime, but he was not intimidating and could not scare other people.

During some time in London, he heard a rumour about a rich man buying and refurbishing an old monastary, as well as "engaging" numerous prostitutes to come there.

His curiosity piqued, and sensing some adventure, he set off on the long road to Wales.


Having made his way into the monastery, he was attacked and greviously wounded when a monster tried to kill him.

After she fell through the stable rafters, he met the mysterious Koudelka Iasant, who saved him when the monster returned to kill him.

Healing him, the pair made their way through the desolate abbey, until they came across the caretakers; Bessy and Ogden, who poisoned their food. Too suspicious of them to eat, Koudelka declined the soup and later berated Edward for being so naïve and too trusting of people.

They later came across an unconscious priest who had been attacked by yet another monster.

Together, the reluctant trio made their way through the monastery facing down vengeful ghosts, grotesque monsters, and the slightly-crazed human occupants.

Aptitudes Edit

"Physical labour/ Reciting poetry" ~ Koudelka manual

Fairly well versed in the use of weapons, he is adept with firearms, his weapon of choice being his Single Action revolver. He is apparently, self-taught.

A lover of the Romantics, he is familiar with the works of Byron, and has read the works of his contemporaries, like Mary Shelley. Like James, he shares an appreciation for Shakespeare, and the two often quote passages at length.


Highly egotistical and proud, he was born with a deep sense of wanderlust, and so loves the thought of an adventure. While at times self-absorbed, he occasionally acts selflessly, and begins to show concern for Koudelka's well-being.

He is usually quite talkative and cheerful, but at times can be extremely cold-hearted and practical, such as when he murdered Alias. He views himself much like his favoured poet, Byron, a Romantic wandering soul looking for a sense of belonging, though with less world-weariness, and more a sense of Sehnsucht.

He feels at odds with the peaceful society he finds himself in, and feels like he was born in the wrong time period, having missed out on the "age of exploration", as he calls it.



  • Edward is very loosely based off Edward Plunkett, the 18th Baron of Dunsany, a writer and poet.
  • Edward specialises in hand-to-hand combat rather than magic, primarily because his magic stats are so low. It's best to let him be the party's "tank" because he has such high strength and vitality stats.

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