Doppelgänger Koudelka
Level 10
HP 784
MP 44

Kelementfire -
Kelementwind -
Kelementlight Absorbs
Kelementwater -
Kelementearth -
Kelementdark -

  • Shock Max


"Born from the darkness of the Monastery, it is the embodiment of Koudelka's loneliness and the reflection of her desire to be loved."


It has the apperance of Koudelka, though it is semi-transparent, apart from below the waist where it is invisible.



As with the Vigilo Trio boss, this is a three-against-three fight, though unlike that fight, this is quite difficult.

D-Koudleka attacks with punishing offensive magic and attacks quite quickly, so the party must focus on eliminating her as soon as possible.

Have Koudelka blast her with her strongest magic and Edward try to get up close to attack her and draw her fire. James should preferably be equipped with a gun and should stick with support magic for the fight i.e healing and fortifying magics.

Note that D-Koudleka can be debuffed to make her magic less potent by hitting her with fortifying spells (the spells work in reverse for the enemy).

Keep you health up and she should go down in no time leaving only D-Edward and D-James to deal with.


Doppelgänger is German for "Double Walker", and refers to a ghostly double of a living person. They are generally regarded as bringers of bad luck or portents of doom. Seeing one's own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of one's own death.