Doppelgänger James
Level 10
HP 841
MP 40

Kelementfire -
Kelementwind -
Kelementlight Absorbs
Kelementwater -
Kelementearth -
Kelementdark -

  • Heal
  • Strong Earth
  • Shock Max
  • Black Hole


"Born from the darkness of the Monastery, it is the embodiment of James's disdain, and the reflection of his desire for salvation."


It has the appearance of James, though it is semi-transparent, apart from below the waist where it is invisible.



As with the Vigilo Trio boss, this is a three-against-three fight, though unlike that fight, this is quite difficult.

D-James primarily focuses on healing, and attacks with magic, so can be ignored until the party has eliminated D-Koudleka and D-Edward.

Have Koudelka blast him with her strongest magic and have Edward and James try to get up close to attack him. As D-James likes to hide in the corner of the battlefield it should be easy to gang up on him once his two companions are defeated.

The only real problem with D-James is that he can heal himself for over 600 HP per heal making this fight rather drawn out. The only soultion is to just continue hitting him and hope you do a large amount of damage before he manages to heal himself back to full health.


Doppelgänger is German for "Double Walker", and refers to a ghostly double of a living person. They are generally regarded as bringers of bad luck or portents of doom. Seeing one's own doppelgänger is said to be an omen of one's own death.