Death emperor

The Death Emperor - Spirit of Hate

This is the first fusion monster introduced in the Shadow Hearts series. It is Yuri's only fusion at the start of the game, and is also the first of the Dark class ones. It costs 16 Sanity Points to fuse with Death Emperor.


Lesser spirit of darkness formed from the hate-filled soul of a raging demon. He is said to appear as a demon shrouded in a black mist.


Special Skills
Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Drain Wave 1 MP Drains a small amount of the target's Magic Power. DEmove1 DE01ring
Curse Attack 15 MP Raises target's Special Attack power 15% to 18% for 5 turns. DEMove2 DE02ring
Dark Messenger 20 MP Attacks target with a living darkness. Damages target and may cause Instant Death. DEMove3 DE03ring


  • This is the only fusion monster that is not fought in the graveyard, but fought in a regular battle.