ShII uru fusion 21 1

The Ultimate Fusion

Yuri's ultimate fusion.

SP consumption as Dark Seraphim: 7 SP per turn

Info Edit

With a power exceeding other fusion monsters, the Dark Seraphim lives within Yuri and can emerge when called. It wields total power over death and rebirth.

Skills Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
For Everyone... 72MP Increases all status for all allies Dsyuri1
For Tomorrow... 88MP Dark Seraphim summons a destructive beam from the heavens to draw life from an enemy and heals all allies Dsyuri2
For The Child... 160MP Dark Seraphim flies into the heavens to throw spheres of destructive energy at his targets below him (chain) Dsyuri3



  • This is a darker form of the Seraphic Radiance. The two fusions have the same name in Japanese.