Dark Judge
Shadow Hearts
HP 500
MP 240
Location Kowloon Fortress
Element Earth
Abilities Deathtouch
EXP Gained 1000
Cash 1000
Drops Talisman of Power

Bestiary InfoEdit

Dark force born of Kowloon's warped space. It may also be the city peoples' resentment collected into one form.


It's no coincidence that this thing shares it's model with a boss - it's strong enough to BE a boss at this point in the game. Other than its HP value, all you really need to worry about is its "Deathtouch" attack. It takes off quite a bit of HP from whoever it hits. Its high attack power can severely weaken one of your characters. But a few Wind Shear attacks from Tornado with Margarete's attacks and Zhuzhen on healing duty he will go down.


City God

An enshrined City God

The Chinese reading of the Dark Judge's Japanese name, "Chénghuángshén" (城隍神, literally "City-wall and Moat god"), is a reference to a "City God"; a localized deity said to protect the people and the affairs of a particular village, town or city, and overseeing the record-keeping involved determining the destination of the soul of a newly deceased person.

In conjunction with other state gods, they had local shrines, and would be entreated with prayers regarding local matters, and would be appealed to in matters such as dispensing justice, and governance of the city.

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