Czernobog - Harbinger of Doom

The most powerful Dark class Fusion in Shadow Hearts. Obtained by fighting it in the Graveyard, after getting the Dark Gravestone. During the battle where you gain control of Ben Hyuga, he can fuse into Czernobog. It costs 48 Sanity Points to fuse with Czernobog.

Info Edit

Greater Spirit formed from the Soul of Despair, and a Duke of Hell. A Harbinger of Doom for all who fall under the shadow of its fearsome, dark wings.


Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Spirit Pollution 1 MP Drains a large amount of the target's Magic Power. Chezbogmove1
Release Magic 54 MP Raises all allies' Special Attack power 30% to 36% for 5 turns. Chezbogmove2
Revelation* 72 MP Attacks all enemies with a living deadly darkness. Damages targets and may cause Instant Death. Chezbogmove3

Etymology Edit


A depiction of a devil-like Czernobog.

Czernobog, also spelled "Chernobog", is a figure from Slavic myth. It's name means "black god", is associated with the night and moon, but also implied to be a god of death and darkness.

He has a supposed counterpart in "Bielobog" ("white god") though this god has never been referenced in the Chronica Slavorum - a chronicle of the pre-Christian religion and culture of the Polabian Slavs.

The pair were either deities, or different aspects of the same deity, supposedly worshiped by early pagans, though there is no known historical evidence of any such worship.

In popular culture however, Czernobog has appeared in numerous other media, perhaps the most famous being Walt Disney's Fantasia, during the "Night on a Bald Mountain" segment.