Crucifix from Covenant

The Crucifix is a useful accessory so rare that there are at most four in the game world, none in stores. It functions as an all-status protection, protecting the equipped from every Status and Ring Abnormality.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

A replica of the crucifix on the chest of the giant god statue excavated from the ruins of Zafral. Renders all Status abnormalities ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

A pendant from the neck of a mummy found buried in the ruins of Zafrael. The shining stone in the center protects the wearer from all abnormalities.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

A necklace based on an ancient Egyptian motif. Inlaid with a jewel said to have belonged to Cleopatra, it cancels out all ring and status abnormalities.

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