Cosmic bracelet

Cosmic Bracelet from Covenant

The Cosmic Bracelet is a handy multiple protection accessory that is found infrequently as treasure, enemy drops, or at stores (but are quite expensive). The Cosmic Bracelet protects the equipped from Poison, Seal, Panic, and Mental Break. Thus it functions wholly like a Shell Bracelet, Bell Bracelet, Feather Bracelet, and Silver Bracelet.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

A bracelet representing the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, used in Yin and Yang fortune-telling. Renders Poison, Silence, and Confusion ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Depicts the 12 god-beasts of Oriental legend. Increases yin or yang depending on which way it is worn. Protects from Poison, Seal, Panic, and Mental Break.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Wooded bracelet carved with the animals of the Chinese zodiac over 300 years ago on a holy mountain. Prevents seal, poison, panic, mental breakdown, and apathy.

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