Corel lariat

Coral Lariat from Covenant

The Coral Lariat is a useful accessory early in the game. It is rarely found as treasure, but it is always sold at most (if not all) shops. This accessory slows the Judgment Ring speed of the equipped by 25%. An improved and more expensive version of this is the Coral Pendant.

Description Edit

Shadow Hearts

A lariat necklace made of coral beads strung on sea snake hide. A sacred object of the ocean tribes, it slows the sweep

of the indicator on the Judgment Ring.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Lariat strung with thousand-year-old red coral and jade from Qinghai. The wearer feels time pass more slowly, and the Judgment Ring's indicator slows.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Lariat made by a trader who traveled the oceans collecting coral. Magic in the slow-growing coral reduces Judgement Ring rotation speed.

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