Clawed Soldiers
Shc monster 010
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 37
MP 8
Location Geppetto's Apartment, Paris Subway.
Element Fire
Abilities Red Rave
Immunities Paralysis
EXP Gained 5
Souls Gained 40
Cash 40


Leather Cap

Enemy appearing in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Low-level member of the secret society. Despite being at the bottom, these soldiers are highly-trained in all forms of combat, both armed and unarmed.


They bear a resemblance to the Shocker Combatmen from the Kamen Rider series, particularly to the ones appearing in Kamen Rider The First. A trademark of the Combatmen is their high-pitched "Yii!" war cry, a quirk that's imitated by the Clawed Soldiers.