Shadow Hearts
HP 10,000
MP ??
Location Cave Temple
Element Non-Elemental
  • Divine Punishment
  • !!!
  • Special Skills,
  • Status Problems
EXP Gained 60.000
Cash 30.000

Cherubim is an Optional Boss in Shadow Hearts.

Bestiary InfoEdit

Malicious ghost that bears the same name as the angel of knowledge. It takes over children's bodies and devours them slowly. Tiny bells ring when it walks.

Where to Find Edit

Boss on the second run through of the Cave Temple Sidequest. Follow the Sidequest Walkthrough to get to him.


Like the counterpart angel Seraphim, this boss knows Divine Punishment which deals a majority of health and may give your party a Status Abnormability. Having Crucifixes for everyone is a neccessity for it will block that Abnormal trait. Like Wuigi, using special skills is useless as this boss absorbs special skills to gain HP. Using physical attacks is the only way to damage this boss. This will be a long fight since Cherubim has high HP and absorbs special skills. The player should keep an eye on Alice's MP and refill it when needed, for Alice will be healing throughout the battle. Use Alice's Gospel and Arc spell to keep the party's defense and HP high and maxed aganist this deity. Also keep "Pure" items in stock if anyone's SP falls low. Also similar like Fox Face, this deity knows the skill: !!! which will take all but 1 HP, heal immediately.


  • Cherubim is a type of angel from the Christian Angelic Hierarachy. Cherubims guard the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and the Throne of God. They have four faces man, ox, eagle, and lion. Their Ox Face is considered their true face.

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