Charlotte's Wrath
Level 30
HP 4761
MP 291

Kelementfire Null
Kelementwind -
Kelementlight Absorbs
Kelementwater Weak
Kelementearth 1/2 DMG
Kelementdark -

  • Smackdown (Silence)
  • Spew (Poison)
Drops Star Brooch


"The true form of Charlotte. Unable to feel love, and with only hatred for the world and mother that shunned her, Charlotte has taken on this piteous form. Only with its death, may her poor wandering soul be laid to rest."


This Boss loves to target Koudelka so have her stay away, Have Koudelka and James Fotify STR and VIT, after a couple rounds of that, equip Edward with your strongest weapon, Koudelka to use Flare, and James heal.

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