The Chainmail Vest (チェインベスト, Cheinbesuto) is a male armor found in each Shadow Hearts game.


Shadow HeartsEdit

A chainmail vest for men. With its powerful defensive properties, it doesn't allow blades or bullets through. It may be plain, but one day you'll be glad you wore it.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Copper and steel mesh hauberk. Very heavy and not for the weak. Though poorly ventilated; it offers reliable protection if you don't mind sweating.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

A vest of fine metal links. Protects well against sword attacks, and offers some defense against gunshots. However, its weight can stop many from using it.


Shadow HeartsEdit

  • Comes equipped to Keith.


  • Time is Money (5,500)


  • Chicken Heart (5,500)


Shadow HeartsEdit

P-Def S-Def P-Avd S-Avd
36 34 4 3

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