The Chainmail Vest (チェインベスト, Cheinbesuto) is a male armor found in each Shadow Hearts game.


Shadow HeartsEdit

Chainmail vest

A chainmail vest for men. With its powerful defensive properties, it doesn't allow blades or bullets through. It may be plain, but one day you'll be glad you wore it.

  • Comes equipped to Keith.


  • Time is Money (5,500)


  • Chicken Heart (5,500)
P-Def S-Def P-Avd S-Avd
36 34 4 3

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit


Copper and steel mesh hauberk. Very heavy and not for the weak. Though poorly ventilated; it offers reliable protection if you don't mind sweating.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Chainmail vest3

A vest of fine metal links. Protects well against sword attacks, and offers some defense against gunshots. However, its weight can stop many from using it.