Pirate Fort

Area visited to gain the La Sirene fusion.

It also houses the Pirate Interrogation mini-game, which enables one character to gain a weapon.

The Fort is also where you meet Samuel, a "Snap Card" player who has great prizes for doing his requests. You will also find Lottery Member #9, First Mate Rackham, who offers several great options for playing. Both characters have important items for Shania's sidequest and Fusion needs. Samuel has a "Bear Statue" and Lottery Member #9 has a "Whale Statue."

Abandoned ShipEdit


The Stranded Wreck

The Abondoned ship is a large half-sunken ship in a small cove in the Caribbean. The idea behind the ship is that it once belonged to Anne's grandfather. Useless, Anne's grandfather decided to instead start the Fort as oppose to trying to repair the ship.

The ship is the bridge between the Fort and the Altar of the Ocean.

Altar of the OceanEdit


Altar of the Oceans

The Altar of the Ocean is where Shania can obtain the water-based fusion La Sirene.

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