ShI monsters 068
Shadow Hearts
HP 155
MP 0
Location Calios Mental Hospital
Element Dark
  • Silence
  • Parlysis
  • Poison
  • Nightmare
  • Protect
EXP Gained

Bestiary InfoEdit

Gigantic bug that jumps at your face with slimy wings. Soaked in the hell's venom under Calios Mental Hospital, it attacks any intruders.


These thing are found in the Calios Mental Hospital and they always appear in groups of 5. And if you think thats annoying then you haven't seen nothing yet. They know many afflicitions like Silence, Paralysis, and Poison. Not to mention they know Nightmare which can cause Instant Death, and with 5 if these things in a group it could get aggitating. They also can use defense, the only enemies that use defense, actually well if you count there brother Buggy then the only two. Just use Yuri's special skill Nova when he transforms into Baldo to get rid of these annoying bugs. One other thing about this creature since its appears in groups of 5 the malice meter will increase alot.

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