Bruce Meow
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 2700
MP 99
Location Purramount Pictures
Element Fire

Red Gravity

Energy Charge

Calories 10
EXP Gained 42,000
Souls Gained 0
Cash 9,000
Cat Coins

Fifth Key

Lottery Ticket

Seal of Force (Perfect Ring Rate 100%)

An enemy in Purramount Pictures, and he is the last to be faced in the Pagoda.


His element is Fire, so Mao's hits will do that little bit more damage, but you will also take more damage as well. It is suggested that you should equip Blood Loss 2 or 3 because he is susceptible to it and because it will make the fight so much easier. He also has a tendency to do Double Attacks quite frequently, so keep his Stock level low. You should use Double Attacks whenever you can, to attack or defend. He's not too hard if you know how to go about fighting him.



Bruce Lee

  • He is a direct reference to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Direct references include his yellow jumpsuit, that Lee famously wore during his movie "Game of Death", and "speaking in kiai shouts.

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