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Blue Castle (Day)

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Blue Castle (Night)

Home castle of Keith Valentine, Joachim Valentine, Hildegard Valentine, and the Black Bat. This location is in Shadow Hearts where the village near the castle has been plagued with monsters. And the villagers seem to believe that the monsters maybe connected to the castle. Alice and Zhuzhen check out the place and find out the castle is the home of a vampire named Keith Valentine who has been asleep for thousands of years, and has recently woke up due to the monsters entering his castle and a demon has made his home inside his castle. He then joins the two exorcists hoping to find something fun to do while he is awake. Sometime later Keith's older brother Joachim returns to the castle to bestow the family sword to Keith who sense that the world is in peril. The Blue Castle never makes another appearance but is mentioned, with the oldest brother, Joachim quoting he sold the furniture in the Blue Castle to pay off his loan.



The Crypt is located on the lowest level of the castle. It houses eight sealed coffins and an open one, presumably Keith's. A corpse dressed in rags sits against the wall, and occasionally speaks to visitors/trespassers.

To unlock the room above pray for these coffins in order:












Tower Summit


The enemies will be in groups and just having Alice and Zhuzhen to begin with can be annoying so, but thanks to Zhuzhen's high leveled spells you can wrap this up quick! Just make sure you keep Zhuzhen's MP high.

Boss Yuri (Boss)


  • The location the Blue Castle is probably based off the novel of the book The Blue Castle, which was also a location in the book as well.

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