Blanca uses various rasps, brushes and pastes to bite his enemies.

Tusk BrushEdit

Tusk brush
A toothbrush made for cleaning animal's teeth and tusks.

Japanese Name: タスクブラッシュ (Tasuku Burasshu)


  • P-ATK: 9
  • S-ATK: 11

Cost: 580

Sell: 290

Obtained: Default


Animal brush made from boar-hair. Used to clean and polish fangs and tusks to their ultimate hardness.

Glass PaperEdit

Glass paper
Three-ply sandpaper. Has a wide variety of uses.

Japanese Name: グラスペーパー (Burasu Pēpā)


  • P-ATK: 19
  • S-ATK: 21

Cost: 870

Sell: 435

Obtained: Paris; Le Havre; Port of Southampton; Rhondda Mine; Florence


Versatile sandpaper for woodworking. Can be used for rough and fine sanding. Can be used on dog claws as well.


Made for sharpening the teeth of hunting dogs.

Japanese Name: カジュアルホーン (Kajuaruhōn)


  • P-ATK: 30
  • S-ATK: 32

Cost: 1300

Sell: 650

Obtained: Port of Southampton; Rhondda Mine; Florence; Wales; Cannes; St. Marguerite Island;


A standard whetstone, made in Britain. Used by hunters to sharpen the teeth of their hunting dogs. Improves dogs' ability to catch prey.

Whetstone PlusEdit

Whetstone plus
A superior whetstone, renowned for its quality.

Japanese Name: フェットストーン (Fettosutōn)


  • P-ATK: 43
  • S-ATK: 45

Cost: 1960

Sell: 980

Obtained: Wales; Cannes; St. Marguerite Island; Petrograd; Gerome Valley


Winner of last year's "Whetstone of the Year" award. The manufacturer plans to make an even better one this year.

Steel RaspEdit

Steel rasp
A steel file made for woodworking.

Japanese Name: スティールラスプ (Sutīru Rasupu)


  • P-ATK: 59
  • S-ATK: 61

Cost: 2940

Sell: 1470

Obtained: Petrograd; Gerome Valley; Idar Flamme;


Metalworking file made from steel. Provided with a handle, making it easy to use on corners and fine-finishing work.

Sharp RaspEdit

Sharp rasp
A high-quality file made by a top manufacturer.

Japanese Name: シャープファイル (Shāpu Fairu)


  • P-ATK: 79
  • S-ATK: 81

Cost: 4400

Sell: 2200

Obtained: Petrograd; Idar Flamme; Brick Warehouses; Yokohama Streets; Foreigner's Cemetary;


Advertised as the finest, hardest file. Boasts innumerable, invisible teeth. A superb file.

Silver RaspEdit

Silver rasp
A silver file infused with the power of the cold.

Japanese Name: 銀製鈩


  • P-ATK: 104
  • S-ATK: 106

Cost: 6610

Sell: 3305

Obtained: Brick Warehouses; Yokohama Streets; Foreigner's Cemetary; Nihonbashi; Forest of Wind


Silver forged in the shape of a file, and quenched for seven years in a subterranean pool. Saps heat from the material for ultra-smooth filing.

Adamantine RaspEdit

Adamantine rasp
Incredibly durable file, infused with adamantine powder.

Japanese Name: 金剛鈩


  • P-ATK: 135
  • S-ATK: 137

Cost: 9910

Sell: 4955

Obtained: Nihonbashi; Forest of Wind; Inugami Village;


Forged by a renowned blacksmith from ultra-hard diamond ore. This file is said to be able to work any material in the world.

Lion's PolishEdit

Lions polish
A paste that promotes the re-enameling of animal teeth.

Japanese Name: 獅子の研磨剤


  • P-ATK: 172
  • S-ATK: 174

Cost: 14860

Sell: 7430

Obtained: Inugami Village


A polish custom-made for animal teeth. The main ingredient, hydroxyapatite, promotes re-enameling of teeth for a stronger bite.

Dog BoneEdit

Dog bone
An animal bone used for jaw-strengthening exercises.

Japanese Name: ポチのホネ (Pochi no Hone)


  • P-ATK: 185
  • S-ATK: 186

Cost: -

Sell: 11150

Obtained: The last item needed to complete the Treasure Hunt sidequest.


Animal bone unearthed at Mukyo-An. Can be given to a dog to strengthen its jaw.

Beast MedalEdit

Beast medal
Proof of reaching the top of the animal kingdom.

Japanese Name: 獣王の証


  • P-ATK: 197
  • S-ATK: 199

Cost: -

Sell: 16720

Obtained: Defeat the last wolf in the Wolf Bout sidequest.


Created by Ernest after decades of animal research. A powerful tool that allows the user total control over animals.