Element wind Blanca
Game Covenant
Kana ブランカ
Romaji Buranka
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Shuichi Ikeda
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Richard Cansino
Age 2 (in Human Years)
Height Dog Height (Means Small)
Eye color Light Brown
Hair color White
Home Domremy
Weapon(s) Fangs
Special Arts Manifestations
Element Wind Element wind

A white wolf, and unofficial guardian of Domremy, he joins Yuri after his young owner Jeanne is killed by Sapientes Gladio. Loyal and wise, Blanca encounters other wolves throughout the world which he can fight in Wolf Bouts to raise the power of his Manifestation skills.


"Raised by Jeanne, this white wolf of Domremy protects the village alongside Yuri. His intelligence and cool-headed thinking make him a highly-reliable ally."


Blanca is always giving advice, and what he thinks is right. He is pretty calm, serious, and laidback, and is still very fearsome. He tried to tell Yoshiko that "they" called him Blanca the Whirlwind, but she couldn't understand what he said and decided to call him Snowball. This embarassed him very much, like how when Eleanor showed a large liking to him.

Blanca also gets along well with Yuri, because of probably how he understands him and often plays with him, and Kurando, because he has a will to protect Yoshiko like how Blanca had a will to protect Jeanne, but when she died he lost it. He is often seen with Yuri, his front paws in Yuri's hands, and wagging his tail as well as panting contentedly with his tongue hanging from his mouth.

Fighting StyleEdit

Using rasps to sharpen his teeth and claws, he savages his enemies while using magic to support himself. Much like Karin, Blanca is a well balanced character with a steady offense and magical ability, but seems to be much more adept at magic, and is very agile.

His Manifestation abilities mostly focus on restorative magics and healing spells, though his "Soul Comet" skill deals increasingly large amounts of damage, the more Wolf Bouts that he is successful in.

With added Attack Boosts, Blanca can attack up to four times in quick sucessesion.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Soul Comet 64 MP Calling forth the battle spirits of the wolves defeated by him, Blanca deals wind-class damage to one enemy. Damage and hit number depend on the Wolf Bout. Image Needed
Full Moon 18 MP Blanca channels moonlight to heal all abnormalities of the party. Image Needed
Comeback 36 MP Using spirit energy, Blanca can revive one fallen party member to full health. Image Needed
Aurora 54 MP The entrancing aura of a beautiful aurora is summoned by Blanca, restoring the allies health to maximum. Image Needed


Wolf BoutsEdit

(Before fighting Henri): I don't like picking on old men. I'll have to get this over with quickly.

(Defeat of Henri): Age doesn't have anything to do with it. Its just a matter of whether you take on fighting as your living or not.

(Before fighting Philippe): So you're top dog on this tiny little island, huh? Big deal. It's a big world out there!

(Defeat of Philippe): I didn't have time to be fooling around. Sorry, but I had to do that to you.

(Before fighting Carven): Enough of your old-fashioned sentimentality! Real life is a whole lot harsher than your silly drama world.

(Defeat of Carven): That's what happens when you don't face up to reality.

(Before fighting Eleanor): *gulp* This is a sticky situation. I guess this woman simply can't resist my charms...

(Defeat of Eleanor): If you can't set aside your feelings, you shouldn't be fighting in the first place.

(Before Fighting Tetsu): "It's a childish reason to fight, I say no."

(Defeat of Tetsu):"Because you're a little runt"



  • At the end of the game Blanca could have chose any place and time but he choose to be with Yoshiko rather than with Jeanne.
  • Yuri and Jeanne are the only characters that can understand Blanca.