Bike jacket

Bike Jacket from Covenant

The Bike Jacket (ヘルライダース, Herurai Dāsu) is Yuri's ultimate armour in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. To obtain, you must first initiate the Find Lenny sidequest. First, head to Cannes and speak with the children on the beach. Then when in Petrograd, speak to the old lady, Tanarope, near the bridge on the east side of the town. Afterwards, head to Champs Elysees and look for a hunched over old man who use to go by the name of "Iron Claw". Lastly, head back to Cannes and talk to the man on the east stairs and play a short math game with him. When all this has been accomplished, you can head to St. Maguerite and can speak to Lenny where you had fought him earlier. He will relinquish the armor to Yuri.


The prized bike jacket Lenny wore in his wild youth. The split crucifix is a sign of youthful rebellion. it's in good shape, despite being some decades old.