Shftnw mon 019
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 105
MP 39
Location Roswell
Element Earth
  • Attack
  • Attack w. P-Def Down
  • Attack w. Fast Ring
  • Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Seal
  • Physical Defense Down
  • Instant Death
EXP Gained 70
Souls Gained 1
Cash 92
Coins 1 Mackerel
Calories 1

Phoenix Tail (5%)
Mana Leaf (5%)

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Defense system named after Orion 1. Humanoid robot built to withstand heavy firearms. Compound armor lends power but fuel consumption is poor.

Etymology Edit

This monster shares the name with Betelgeuse, the second brightest star in the Orion Constellation.

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