Wife of the caretaker of the Nemeton Monastery, Ogden, she loves her husband dearly.

This kindly couple are not all that they seem though...


Before Bessy and her husband, Ogden, worked on a cruise boat called the Princess Alice. They lived happily together as Ogden was the captain of the ship. But, one night, the Princess Alice suddenly caught on fire and many people on the boat were killed. Ogden was blamed for the deaths of the passengers although he stated that he was against having so many people on the boat in the first place.

Ogden then retired from his job so he would not have to deal with cruel treatment and abuse. The couple soon then became caretakers of the Nemeton Monastery which was owned by Patrick and his wife Elaine. Ogden and Bessy were very touched by the kindness in Elaine's and Patrick's heart who even believed it wasn't Ogden who caused the accident.


Ingame model

One day, Patrick had a business trip in London and during the night a band of buglars broke into the Monastery and killed Elaine. The couple and Patrick were devastated by this, with Bessy saying that the good always seem to die so young. But once Patrick got his hands on the Emigre Manuscript to ressurect Elaine they helped him without question. They collected the bodies of prostitutes, thieves, and the homeless. But they soon began to collect bodies of innocents as well.

The ritual is later completed but sadly they failed, managing to ressurect only her body which had no reason or self, only instinct. As a further consequence, those killed for the ritual awaken as horrible and sinister monsters along with those who were killed when the place was a prison. And Patrick, ashamed of what he created, attempted to slay the women he once knew. And Bessy and Ogden continue to take care of the Monastery although it is clearly unsafe to stay. The couple also slay any trespassers that dare enter the Monastery.


As Edward and Koudelka make there way to the kitchen they come arcross the couple and say they have nothing to fear. They soon make soup for both Koudelka and Edward as they tell them the back story of the Monastery and that they been seeing monsters around the monastery as well and Ogden supplies Edward with bullets to fend themselves off aganist the creatures. It is latered revealed that they tried to poison both Edward and Koudelka but they failed since Koudelka smelled a type of poisoniuos plant in the soup and refused to eat it and Koudelka later heals Edward from his ailment from eating the soup. The couple don't appear later till Edward, James, and Koudelka are split up after encountering the Gargolye. Ogden knocks Koudelka from behind after she has a vision of a blood curtling event and is then almost killed by him when he raises a axe at her but Bessy shoots him from behind and lays dead. Bessy then tells Koudelka about Elaine and the Princess Alice after she does she raises the gun to her throat saying the her husband is waiting for her, the screen the goes blank and thats the last we ever see of the couple.