Beast Dog
ShI monsters 018
Shadow Hearts
HP 450
MP ??
Location Airstrip
Element Fire

Flame Breath

Fighting Spirit

EXP Gained 3000
Cash 540

Voodoo Doll

Bestiary InfoEdit

Fierce dog under the spell of a warlock. It only lives to rip apart and devour its prey. A beast with sharp fangs and strong attacks.


Beast Dog can be a pain to fight - without the proper handling. It is extremely helpful to have the first water fusion for Yuri, Man Dragon, because of its ability Flash Flood. This boss isn't impossible without it, however. If the player hasn't gotten this fusion already, at the start of the battle, the player should have Margarete cast Aqua Edge on Yuri, to increase his water damage, perfect for dousing this fire class. Her Grenade ability can also be helpful in fast HP reduction. Alice, considering her low attack power, should be in defense unless there is healing to be done. Watch her SP! The battle is particularly longer without the water fusion, and Alice does not have a lot of points in the sanity department to go around.

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