Barbaria - The Determined Walker

Second level Fire Fusion. It is a pretty useful one, since it has Energy Charge.

SP consumption as Barbaria: 4 SP per turn

Info Edit

Greater Fire spirit summoned by a soul that walks its own path no matter what the situation. Anything that touches its fiery armor is scorched.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Rage 12MP Increases Physical Attack for one ally Fyuri1
Blaze 16MP Single-target Fire attack (anti-air, hard hit) Fyuri2
Energy Charge (Max MP/10) MP Increases Barbaria's Physical Attack by 125 to 150% for the next turn Fyuri3
Magma 32MP medium area Fire Damage (high angle) Fyuri4



Barbaria is linked to the word "barbarian"; uncivilised, uncultured or uncouth. It derives from the Latin, barba, meaning "bearded".

Following that link, it may also refer to "Barbariccia" ("the curly-beared one"), a Malebranche ("evil claw"), who guard the eighth level of hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.