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Barbaria - The Determined Walker

Second level Fire Fusion. It is a pretty useful one, since it has Energy Charge.

SP consumption as Barbaria: 4 SP per turn

Info Edit

Greater Fire spirit summoned by a soul that walks its own path no matter what the situation. Anything that touches its fiery armor is scorched.

Attacks Edit

Rage 12MP - increases Physical Attack for one ally

Blaze 16MP - single-target Fire Damage (anti-air, hard hit)

Energy Charge (Max MP/10) MP - increases Barbaria's Physical Attack by 125 to 150% for the next turn

Magma 32MP - medium area Fire Damage (high angle)


Barbaria is linked to the word "barbarian"; uncivilised, uncultured or uncouth. It derives from the Latin, barba, meaning "bearded".

Following that link, it may also refer to "Barbariccia" ("the curly-beared one"), a Malebranche ("evil claw"), who guard the eighth level of hell in Dante's Divine Comedy.

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