Bandit Earrings from Covenant

Bandit Earrings are a special kind of accessory that alters the spoils from battle. In this case, it increases the money received by 20%, but decreases item drops by 20%. In Shadow Hearts, they are called Brigand Earrings.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

In the shape of the trademark of Greenhoe, the heroic, chivalrous bandit. Chances of getting trophy money are raised, but chances of getting items are lowered.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Skull symbol of the Samurai, a bandit gang so greedy they would rob money from a corpse. Increases trophy money, but reduces chance of collecting items.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Earrings worn by bandits high up in the hills. They only steal money so they don't have to carry heavy things home. Acquisition rate lowers, booty money increases.

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