Baldo - Spirit of adventure

Mid Level light fusion beast

Info Edit

Mid level spirit of light and stars. The living incarnation of the adventurous soul. Excels in healing those in need.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Grace 32 MP Restore a medium amount of HP to all allies. Baldomove1
Elder Sign 27 MP Raises Special Defense 30% to 36% for five turns. Baldomove2
Nova 36 MP Medium Light Damage to an enemy. Baldomove3


Baldur by Johannes Gehrts

Baldo could derive from the Italian word "Baldo", translating as "bold, self-confident".

It Japanese name, "バルド" ("Baldo" same as in English) seems to indicate that it is a slightly misspelt reference to Baldr ("バルド"), the Norse god of beauty and light.

His prophesied death is the start of a chain of events leading to Ragnarök - the death of the Norse gods.

Fearing his death, his mother, the goddess Frigg made every plant, animal, metal and mineral vow that they would never harm Baldr - except a lowly sprigg of mistletoe, which she deemed too non-threatening to bother with.

The trickster god, Loki, however, heard of this, and fashioned the sprigg into an arrow. During a game in which the other gods playfully tried to attack Baldr (all their weapons of which bounced off him harmlessly), Loki convinced Baldr's brother, the blind Höðr, to shoot him with the mistletoe arrow. It struck Baldr, and killed him.

Following the events of Ragnarök, he would emerge from the devastation, restored to life, and rule with the other new gods.