Badger Devil
Shadow Hearts
HP 700
MP 400
Location Kuihai Tower
Element Fire
  • Fire Ball
EXP Gained 1000
Cash 600

Seal of Luck

Bestiary InfoEdit

Old Bloodsucking Cat that gained mystical strength. It transforms and devours the victims it tricked. Possesses long, ugly nails.


This thing should be a pushover by now, but for lazy people and those who really want to conserve HP/MP, just Snipe it with Margarete. Despite its color this creature element is fire. Usually a nice good Snipe will do the trick since it can be effected by Instant Death. This will only take away a decent amount of damage and like above its just a big push over so don't worry.


  • This is possibly the Felinus that was fought earlier in the game, like in info above says an "Old Bloodsucking Cat" so Dehuai may have brought back the old woman's soul and used his magic to give it a more powerful form and then used her as a body guard.

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