Demon that sows discord amongst men. He causes murder to be committed for no reason. His castle lies at the center of the Palace.

Solomon's Key LocationEdit


Palace of Transgressions, center node, second from the bottom.

Where to findEdit

Defeat Baal in the Doll House.


Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Air Resist 32 MP Increases ally's resistance to Wind-element attacks by 50% Airresist Airresistring
Gale Crest 80 MP Large AOE Wind attack with odds of Slow and Delay Galecrest Galecrestring
Post Completion
Earth Resist 32 MP Increases ally's resistance to Fire-element attacks by 50% Earthresist Earthresistring
Rock Crest 80 MP Large-area Earth attack with odds of Physical Defense Down. Rockcrest Rockcrestring

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