Shadow Hearts
HP 4000
MP 999
Location Spirit Graveyard Inner Sanctum
Element Non - Elemental
  • Eradication (Hits only Alice)
  • Random Status Abnormality
  • Rising Cry
  • Dragon Cry
  • Hellfire
  • Shock Barrage
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained 50000
Cash 20000

Moonstone Ring

Bestiary InfoEdit

Realized form of darkness that exists in every persons mind, it devours harmonixer's souls and attempts to release darkness onto the world.


The executioner in the graveyard of Yuri's mind. Oh the eyes... Anyways there are two ways to face him which will change the course of the storyline. If Alice is alone and the player didn't fight the masks Alice will sadly die. But if the player defeats the masks then Yuri will interrupt the ceremony to save Alice. Look out Eradication which will completely kill Alice when alone or will take away half of her HP and some SP when Yuri is with her. Also his numorous abilities which can hit both Alice and Yuri and cause status abnormalities.


  • If you defeat Atman the grave that was for Alice will be for Atman instead.
  • Atman means "inner self" or "soul" in Hinduism and Budduism.

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