The Asuka Stone Platform is the final location of Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

It is located at the eastern plains not far away from Inugami Village. According to Saki Inugami, there are strong lines of ley energy around which can be used to channel powerful incantations such as summoning the power of the Japanese gods to open a time-warp gate, such as Kato did.

Inside yamato

The Vessel of Yamato is accessable from the stone platform and serves as the final dungeon of the game. In the background, giant circles, resembling the Zodiac sign constellations and incredibly large clockwork apparitions, can be seen. This most likely indicates the vessel is located at a gate of space-time fabric itself.


Gate to Takamagahara


Boss: Raijin & Fuujin
Boss: Susano-O, Kusanagi Sword, Yasakani Gem & Yata Mirror


When first entering the location, it is introduced with a cutscene featuring The Fate ~ Cluster Amaryllis.

Deep in Coma ~ Battle in Japan is the theme while exploring the Vessel and Hardcore to The Brain ~ Mid-Boss in Japan becomes the regular battle theme. However, on the Special Sound CD, there is a track called The Last Alternatives which might have been the intended theme for the Vessel dungeon in the first place, but was replaced by the Japan battle theme instead.