Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 2880
MP 468
Location Idar Flamme
Element None
Abilities Attack w. SP Lowering, Surge, Bent Space, Evil Crest
EXP Gained 14,500
Souls Gained 150
Cash 12,000
Drops Warlock Earrings, The World Tarot Card

Rasputin made a soul pact with Asmodeus and this is the form he takes.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Demon god of ambition and desire. He sows the seeds of greed within each human and reaps the bloody bounty that renews itself with each generation.


In Christianity and ancient Hebrew texts, Asmodeus was a demon which usually was paired up, or used as another name for the demon Satan. It appears in different texts and in each of them Asmodeus has a different representation and role. In the Ars Goetia (Solomon's key) Asmodeus appears to be ranked 32 among Hell's hierarchy of demons.

In other texts he appears as one of the seven princes of Hell, one corresponding for each of the deadly sins featured in Dante's Purgatorio. Asmodeus is therefore the demon lord of Lust, lascivity and carnal desire. This may be the main reason why in Shadow Hearts Covenant he portrayed as a god of desire.

Some people represent Asmodeus as a mixture of man, bull and goat, with chicken legs and sometimes riding a dragon.