Arcane Olga
ShI monsters 070
Shadow Hearts
  • 750 - 1st Battle
  • 3300 - 2nd Battle
  • 4000 - 3rd Battle
MP ??
  • Prague
  • Rouen
  • Calios Mental Hospital
Element Dark
  • Nova
  • Rock Strom
  • Blaze
  • Icy Breath
  • Lighting
  • Black Fog
  • Mind Assualt
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained
  • 2340(first encounter)
  • 16000 (Second Encounter)
  • 22000 (third encounter
  • 1300 (first encounter)
  • 14500 (Second Encounter)
  • 17000 (third encounter)

The group fights Arcane Olga a total of three times.

Bestiary InfoEdit

Witch that embodies the evil roaming around the city. She steals people's souls with her beautiful voice. She is actually Olga's disguise.



Here, it's only Alice against her. Normally, that would be a bad thing, but not this time. Have Alice attack with Blessed Light. You need to keep close watch of her MP and SP, seeing as Olga uses the MP-draining Mind Assault skill. Otherwise, this shouldn't be too long or difficult of a battle.


How dare this woman curse the church then kill a priest! Lets show this witch what were made of! Ok, Olga has learned a new spell while she was away. Black Fog, which can cause poison, It doesn't cause much damage but its still annoying so have everyone equiped with a Shell Bracelet. Other than that she hasn't learned anything new. She loves to use medium level spells so be careful! Yuri should transform into Baldo since he will have the element advantage and his Grace ability will come in use. Other than her Black Fog everything should be fine. Also she knows MP Assault and will use it on the person who has the highest MP, so brace yourself.

Calios Mental HospitalEdit

You must be wondering how many times do I have to verus this witch! Don't worry this is the last of her. She hasn't learned anything new from the last time you verused her. But that Black Fog of hers can be a hassel, instead of a Shell Bracelet use a Cosmic Bracelet they add more status to the character. Just use the strategy you use last time and she'll go down again. Again she uses Mind Assault and she will target the person with the highest MP.

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