Shadow HeartsEdit


The silver cross Main Character's mother Anne always used to wear, it's filled with love for her family. Restores the wearer from Berserk if successful on the Ring.

In Shadow Hearts, this item can be obtained when Yuri defeats 10 enemies in the pit fights. After the 10th battle Mr. Zhen will discuss what happened on the day they were about to enter the Kuhai Tower. A cutscene will play showing what happened just as they left the bar and then we see Hyuga giving Qiuhua Anne's Cross which he kept as a good luck charm. After the cutscene Qiuhua will give Yuri Anne's Cross which when a character goes beserk gives them a chance to regain their sanity by using a ring.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Annes cross

Anne's Cross from Covenant

The only keepsake left behind by Yuri's mother, Anne. Filled with all the love of a woman and a mother, the silver cross provides many sacred protections.

Anne's Cross is an accessory usable only for Karin in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is obtained when the player visits Zurich, where Alice is buried. Yuri gives the cross to Karin, saying it belonged to both his mother and Alice.

It is a very useful accessory. It cancels out all Status and Ring abnormalities. Additionally, it restores a small amount of HP to Karin on her next turn.

In Covenant, the item is obtained by heading to Zurich.